So I get a page . I am in a patients room . I get out and answer the page . A nurse from 12th floor is looking for me but she is with a patient so I am put on hold . After 5 minutes I break the connection and go up to the 12th floor . The nurse is still busy . Another nurse gives me a paper I need to sign . I sign it, ask if they need anything else and go back to my work.

Get a page again. The same nurse. I am put on hold . Five minutes later she come on the phone . She can’t find my orders . I explain to her where they are. Then I am back to work.

I started with 18 patients and have got 9 new ones. No lunch. I have planned my day down to each minute. Basically I am on roller skates.

Get a page again. Same nurse but of course she is with a patient so I have to hold . This time for close to 10 minutes.

I thought when somebody pages me they need me . Why would they page me if their issue can wait. If you want me , talk to me.

Is it too much to ask of a nurse to page a doctor only when you can talk to him. And God forbid if you get angry. Heavens will move if you ever express your unhappiness.


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