Ancient Romans and Nazis

A patient of mine ,  a World War Two veteran by the way started talking politics during a visit.

 I must clarify here that I have utmost respect for World War Two veterans . They are indeed the greatest American generation and therefore when one of them talk , I merely listen and try not to open my mouth unless I am asked a question.

He made an interesting comment . He says 

“Today’s  American have become a cross between ancient Romans and Nazis”

This took me by surprise until he explained

“We have more then any body has ever had in the history of the world and we still want more . We throw away more food then other nations eat”

Ok that sounds like ancient Romans but why nazis 

The guy smiles and ask me what I know about Iraq war. I try not to comment on that. I never make a political statement during a physician – patient interaction. 

“We  kill people without thinking of consequences . We think that just because we are americans we are right” 


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