Doctor cranky : why do you want to kill yourself

Patient : I don’t want to kill myself . I just want to go home today

Doctor cranky:  today is Monday , you are in the hospital with overdose , you almost died . Last Tuesday you were at another hospital with same thing . The Friday before you were at yet another hospital with overdose and you almost died at that time too. Three overdoses in less then 10 days . That looks pretty  suicidal to me 

Patient : it’s not a crime to take your medicine 

Doctor cranky : dude you are either very  suicidal or earth shatteringly stupid or it could be both, but you are not leaving the hospital. Unfortunately I can’t let you kill yourself under my watch,intentionally or otherwise.  I will get psyche involved. If you are lucky they may let you go home in a few days and  perhaps you will either stop or figure out the proper  way to do it.


3 thoughts on “Suicidal

  1. I’m curious about whether you stay curious or whether you’re able to let it go. Reading about it I think I’d be curious. However, in practice, I was simply relieved. My liability gone… my responsibility gone. Warm wishes dear patient, I hope you find what you need. Oh and please don’t come back.

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    • The curiosity goes away after seeing about the 39 th similar patient . After that you just hope you never run into them again. Btw I didn’t exactly use the same words when I was talking to the real patient . Doctor cranky sometimes says stuff I don’t . I find it therapeutic.


      • Totally understand. I’m working out a way to do both what I say and what I’m thinking at the same time. The thinking is far more funny. Aside from me being a professional patient; my brother is a surgeon.

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