Believe me , I like most alcoholics. They are generally nice , mellow people who would rather hurt themselves then other people . The problem ,they sometimes stop being nice.

Maybe it’s the time of the year or what but lately I have seen several patients with alcohol intoxication either to the point of killing their own selves or to the point of killing other people .

The ones who try to kill other people end up at psyche or jail but the ones who are killing themselves end up in ICU and under my care.

A 28 yo man drank himself to the point of coma . He stopped breathing for an unknown length of time . When he came to us he had diffuse brain ischemia including the frontal lobes. which is where our personality and executive function lies. Frontal lobes makes us humans . He needed to be intubated , started on pressers , and dialysis. Two weeks later he was still the same except being off pressers. Because of the brain ischemia we had a long discussion with his family which included a girlfriend . Btw he is an illegal immigrant whose parents were unable to come to USA so far . We did provide them the papers for visa etc.  The girl friend cried    throughout the meeting ,telling us about their two year old daughter and how they believed that he will recover completely and walk out of the hospital. Apparently they had been praying hard too . I could not help but ponder over the possibility that the daughter must have existed two week earlier too . I mean it’s a fair conclusion that the girlfriend and daughter were existent at the time of his inbibement of copious amount of alcohol.  Now of course me or the other doctors will not do anything which the family does not want but the patients prognosis is basically zero and we are spending millions of dollars and thousands of hours to keep him alive in a vegetative state .

There is another patient who has pancreatitis from drinking alcohol. He is in his twenty’s.

 His family is really remarkable . They tell me that the patient is basically a superhuman as far as his tolerance of alcohol is concerned . Therefore when he kept drinking to stupor everyday for two , three weeks they did not think it was a problem . He had done that many times before . “His father was like this too”

” Is his father alive ”

” no , he passed away”


Perhaps the family was confusing him with a certain kryptonian prince. Anyways , this time he ended up with severe pancreatitis and multi organ failure . Intubated , on dialysis and on top of everything ,in delirium tremens. We have no way of judging his mental status unti he comes out of dt’s but atleast his CT brain does not look as bad .

Of course he has three little girls and a wife.btw this one is a white dude who I think owns his own business, so this problem does not restrict to non whites.

THis reminds me of another pancreatitis patient who left against medical advice from ICU , continued to drink alcohol and came back to hospital next day just to die. Now, I have a problem with patients dying under my care. But Of course there is no problem which a couple of drinks can’t fix. No I didn’t say that. 

That patient left with his family , fully coherent and alert, probably bought vodka on his way home and drank till he could Not . I know sometimes you cannot stop a guy from drinking but maybe you, the family member need to try harder, especially when somebody just walked out of ICU .

Another Patient I saw I during my training . A young girl who came in with alcoholic fulminant liver failure . Her family swore that her boyfriend has given her some poison , though they agreed that she does like to drink a lot “but not too much “. Any ways we never found any poison but her blood was pretty much pure alcohol . She died too inspite  of emergent dialysis and everything possible which could be thrown her way.

So what is it with alcohol ?This drug kills more people every year then all the illegal drugs combined . Is it because people don’t think it is as dangerous . Is it just some Darwinian process.



“We do get a lot of transient patients in Florida ‘ a dialysis nurse spoke about her experience in Florida

“Well it is God’s waiting room’ an elderly doctor professed wisdom .

Joint aspiration 

We were talking in a group of people , not all of whom were in the medical field .

I told them that I do perform joint aspirations often and actually like them because they make life easy for me. I don’t have to guess stuff . I of course was talking about diagnosing gout ,septic arthritis , rheumatoid arthritis etc.

A girls from accounting looked puzzled 

‘You mean like ,In a couple situation ‘


Yuckiest experience as a physician : 

I was doing a pap smear as a resident . It was a routine scheduled pap .

Now , my Spanish is not that good . I was working with a translator. Later  I wished I spoke Spanish fluently. A few seconds could have made all the difference.

I inserted the forceps , opened it up . Took the smear . Saw some discharge . Took a few samples , asked the patient about pain or discomfort ,she said no . The translator of course helped me through the process .

I did bimanual exam which for the uninformed means I put my fingers in the vagina and palpate the cervix while my other hand is on top of the abdomen to see if there is tenderness .

Seeing that I was concerned about the discharge, the patient , through translator finally decided to inform me that she just had sex on her way to the clinic . 

My hand was still inside but did not take long to come  out. White ‘discharge’ glistening was on my gloved hand.

I still get nauseous when I think about it .