Yuckiest experience as a physician : 

I was doing a pap smear as a resident . It was a routine scheduled pap .

Now , my Spanish is not that good . I was working with a translator. Later  I wished I spoke Spanish fluently. A few seconds could have made all the difference.

I inserted the forceps , opened it up . Took the smear . Saw some discharge . Took a few samples , asked the patient about pain or discomfort ,she said no . The translator of course helped me through the process .

I did bimanual exam which for the uninformed means I put my fingers in the vagina and palpate the cervix while my other hand is on top of the abdomen to see if there is tenderness .

Seeing that I was concerned about the discharge, the patient , through translator finally decided to inform me that she just had sex on her way to the clinic . 

My hand was still inside but did not take long to come  out. White ‘discharge’ glistening was on my gloved hand.

I still get nauseous when I think about it .


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