What’s the worst thing a nurse can say to a doctor when he or she calls to check on their patient .

“I don’t know . I just started my shift”

Believe me we don’t care about your schedule. We don’t care about your love life, your child’s drug problem or your father’s suicide . If you are in the hospital taking care of a patient you should know basic stuff about him. There is such a thing as ‘sign off’and in most cases vital signs are just a glance away.

If you really have issues please get help. Talk to me in your free time.

Let’s say you are a clueless nurse . How can you better serve the purpose of your existence?

Suggestions :”I just started my shift but if you hold on one minute I can get you the information ”

Or forget the shift” I can text / call you with the required information in one minute ” 

Maybe I m a narcissist and want the world to revolve around me but you have to understand that I ,like a moon revolve around the care of the patient atleast until my shift is over and nurses like gravity are the connection between me and the patients.



There are Some people who still don’t believe in the whole idea of an expanding and rotating universe . They still believe that the universe revolves around them. We call them republicans and we try to avoid discussing science with them because when they talk science you find out things which no other scientists have ever discovered and we wonder wether all the other  scientist in the world , the ones who are actually running the labs are wrong.

Donald trump says vaccines cause autism . Ben Carson the surgeon and rand guy says there are too many vaccines , implying not all are needed. The hp ceo says it should be personal choice to create or destroy herd immunity .

Ok. Maybe American public is smart enough to see throught this but this Same American public voted for a senseless and useless Iraq War which is still killing innocent people everyday in the form of Isis or daesh or whatever you want to call it. So it appears that yes they can be manipulated .

So could people stop vaccination merely because they are republican and their favorite elder says vaccination is bad just like those guys  says global warming is not real therefor  making thousands stand behind burning coal .

What pissed me off is that I found a young healthy nurse , looks like he just jumped out of an army recruitment poster ,who works with immunosupprssed patients and still refuses a flu shot. 

I am not old or debilitated either but I get my flu shot only to protect my patients. If I get flu I may not even notice it but it could kill my patients so I take whatever risk is associated with the vaccine and protect my patients.

This nurse has Been asked to wear a mask at all times  until the flu season ends but a) he doesn’t do it and b) that’s not enough protection.

I have talked to several nurses over the years who stand against immunization. Nurses !

Why are we Americans so stupid and arrogant?

And I am sure this nurse has a Concealed carry permit too. That’s usually goes along with arrogant and stupid.


So I get a page . I am in a patients room . I get out and answer the page . A nurse from 12th floor is looking for me but she is with a patient so I am put on hold . After 5 minutes I break the connection and go up to the 12th floor . The nurse is still busy . Another nurse gives me a paper I need to sign . I sign it, ask if they need anything else and go back to my work.

Get a page again. The same nurse. I am put on hold . Five minutes later she come on the phone . She can’t find my orders . I explain to her where they are. Then I am back to work.

I started with 18 patients and have got 9 new ones. No lunch. I have planned my day down to each minute. Basically I am on roller skates.

Get a page again. Same nurse but of course she is with a patient so I have to hold . This time for close to 10 minutes.

I thought when somebody pages me they need me . Why would they page me if their issue can wait. If you want me , talk to me.

Is it too much to ask of a nurse to page a doctor only when you can talk to him. And God forbid if you get angry. Heavens will move if you ever express your unhappiness.