Ovarian cyst

An er doctor called me , a female doctor no less and wanted me to admit a young female because she had an ovarian cyst

I’m  like ” aren’t they common and usually of no concern ”

” well she came with abdominal pain and thats the only thing I can find”

“But that doesn’t mean it is the cause of the pain”

“Her ct is normal otherwise ”

“Is the cyst ruptured or something abnormal with the cyst ”

“No but I’m not a gynecologist!, that’s why I want to admit . We don’t have gynecologist until morning”

I looked at the ct scan while on the phone

“It looks like a simple cyst” I said

“So” she said 

“How about simple gastroenteritis . Does she have nause , diarrhea any vital signs ?”

“Well yeah ”

“So then why are you worried about the ovarian cyst if it is not ruptured and there is no torsion”

“I believe she needs admission to have all this sorted out, if you don’t want to admit I will call somebody else”

I admitted the patient and then discharged her In a few hours with a diagnosis of gastroenteritis . Er dicks should know that ovarian cyst are ubiquitous in young females and are of no concern unless they develop complication . Most of the time they go away by themselves.

I suspect that they do know all this but because they are so busy , because they would rather please a patient who wants to be admitted then talk to her in detail , because they have the fear of lawsuits on their head and because now Hospitalist are available  all the time they would rather admit the patient then spend more time and energy on solving a problem. 



Dr Cranky: I don’t think this patient needs admission to the hospital . 

ER Doc: I have done catscan of head , chest, abdomen along with ultrasound of gall bladder , X-rays of all his limbs and MRI of his ears. Plus I have checked all the electrolytes, liver enzymes , blood counts and I have even done a lumbar tap and semen analysis .What I have  found is that he has a viral infection . 

Dr Cranky : yeah it’s called a cold .