So my patient and a good friend said

” I am a jew, I am gay and I am an alcoholic . I live in the Bible Belt in a dry county. Do you think I don’t know about prejudice”

Dr Cranky ” God I had never thought of it this way . You are literally just a ‘ black’ away from getting lynched . How do you even sleep at night’


Kim Davis

So Kim Davis refuses to marry gays and she is a hero but Doctors have to treat rapists and pedophiles and even murderers in the best of their capabilities.

My residency program director said in one of his last lectures to us  ” you don’t have to like your patients, you don’t have to be their friends but you do have to take care of them as best as you can regardless of who or what they are ”

And that is fine .I can keep my personal feelings out of my work . When you are paid to do something you have to do it . That is a millennia old truth.

If a doctor refuses to see a patient because of patients immorality , it’s rare but it does happen , they Lose money too.  I have a friend  in private practice who refuse to take care of pedophiles unless it’s an emergency. The fact that he lives in a very Bible part of middle America means he has lost quiet a few patients. He loses money because of his convictions .

Also, if he was government employed he would not  have this choice .

If Kim Davis does  not like her job she could quit.