So I got a call from a pharmacy.

The pharmacist asked me “have you prescribed OxyContin to mr xyz”

I remembered xyz being not a very bright man , but did not remember any reason for OxyContin.

I replied “No ,I don’t recall”

” well he came in with a script for OxyContin. I thought it looked funny . Didn’t look like your writing . The signature was weird too ”

” let me go to my office and check quickly though”

I thanked God for the advantages of being in a small town . The pharmacist know my handwriting and the office is close enough that I can just go check. Sure enough that prescription was not by me. The pharmacist called the police and that man was taken To jail  . He was released on bail to show for hearing etc.

That’s when I remember the guy once told me how good a hunter he is . I remembered he told me he owned more then two dozen guns.

Did I just sign my death sentence. Maybe I should have given him  the OxyContin. So what if he made a few bucks selling OxyContin . May be he was doing a service. A public service . Perhaps I should call him and apologize . Give him a new prescription.

The next few weeks were terrible. There was a patch of trees behind my office . I usually parked right by it. Now I started to park way from it and walked across the parking lot. Did get some exercise though. Sometimes however since people never saw me walk before and didn’t believe I could they sometimes stopped their cars by me to ask me if I was doing ok and if I needed a lift.  Naturally I would get so startled by their stopping  that I earned  the nickname of Doctor startle .

My personal office window also opened to those trees. My chair which used to be right In front of that window now sat away from it. I had to lean on my right and squint to look at my computer screen. Lot of spellning mistakes in my notes from those days .

Every time I heard a loud sound . I thought it was the   end .  Scenes of Heaven and hell started coming  in my dreams. I became the most virtuous man alive . Giving to charity . Being sweet to my wife and children and every human in general.

If somebody cut me off in traffic I would be like ‘ thanks brother I did nt need to go that fast anyways,’

If a telemarketer called just as I was about to have dinner’yes of course I would listen to you my good man. Do you have a new phone service or are you sending me on vacation for free’ I freaked them out so much that the telemarketer started to hang up on me . I think they put my number on a do not call list , without me ever asking .

Scary few weeks.

It really was all in my head though. That man never came back to me . Eventually he did go to prison for a short sentence.