Open marriage

so a patient , a good looking blonde woman in early forties sat in front of me complaining about her husband.

They had been in an open marriage for probably more then ten years but now there was trouble in paradise.

Both the spouses had been my patient for many years . As usual I never cared about what and who they did In the bedroom.

“He fucks her behind my back. Never even tells me about it ”

Remember it’s an open marriage .

“I thought you were ok with this”

“I was ok with this when I was younger, when I could get as many men as he could get girls”


“we invited this girl to a threesome a few times , she is young and hot and now she is fucking him all the time ,all the time”with more emphasis


“She is a bitch”

“I understand”

“How do I stop him ”

“Hmm. I see the problem”

“I can only get old guys now . He can get any girls he wants”

What I wanted to say was 

“Well,you should have thought about it when you brought a younger and hotter girl to a threesome”


“Sorry about the current double standards which persists in our society, but perhaps it’s time to let your husband know you don’t want an open marriage or any marriage”

Or  what I really wanted to say 

“How is this my problem. The guy still in waiting room may have a ruptured appendix and I am sitting here talking to you about your crazy love life”

My residency program director voice hammered into my head .

“You don’t have to like your patients , but you still have  to take care of them to the best of your abilities”

Therefore what I really said was.

” I feel sorry for you. This is indeed a bad situation , perhaps I can refer you to couples counseling and maybe we can find a solution for this problem”

I hate you Sir for being my teacher.