The biggest misnomer in the history of medicine .



“I am prescribing you this new medicine for your high blood pressure/ diebetes/heart disease / cancer/bipolar disorder/bigheadedness/split ends/hang nails etc”
” will it make me fat”
” not if you step away from
the table before filling up to your throat”


I was at the gym a few days ago. Somebody had pooped into the pool and we had to wait till the pool was cleaned. 

I started talking to the person sitting next to me. Found out he was a personal injury lawyer who had sued many doctors .

“So why does get the doctors sued”

“It’s mostly when they don’t follow up ”

That make sense

”  if surgeon does a surgery and something goes wrong, he usually is not in trouble if it’s a recognized complication but if he misses that on follow up then he is in trouble”

” I can see that ”

That does make sense, I thought

“Or if there differential diagnosis is not broad enough”

I pondered over this .

” the bottom line is, dont be afraid to order more tests, the more test you order the safer you are” the lawyer offered his sage advice.