A doctor is taking care of a Pacific islander. The man is on dialysis but since his immigration status is not legal he cannot get medicare, Medicaid or any kind of insurance to pay for his dialysis. I don’t know the details. It was not my own patient but some how he had come to United States  without the right papers. The Pacific islanders usually find immigration easy compared to Mexicans, South American and South Asians but  he had not signed the right stuff.

The doctor to the case manager, ‘ Is there anything we can do?’

‘No, not really. He can come to Emergency room every three days and get dialyzed.’

‘That’s crazy.’

‘It is, in California there may be some options, Of course he can go home. He will have better luck there. At the least it will take a few months.’

The doctor goes to talk to the guy. His whole family is there visiting him.

Now this is Trump era life, so every brown person is scared.

The daughter who has never seen the doctor before asks before he has time to say anything.

‘Where are you from.’

‘You mean where I was born?’


‘I am from Pakistan.’

‘Osama!’ collective sigh from several family members. This is several years after Osama was killed. Trump and Bannon are presidents. Osama is history but evidently not for them.

‘You muslim?’


‘We dont want you as my dad’s doctor. We are christians.’

‘OK.’ The doctor turns around and leaves.


Number two Spot

So the patient is admitted from the ER At 11 pm . An intern goes to see her and do a history and physical . The patient , an African American woman refuses to let this intern take care of him.

” I don’t want no brown man  touching me ”

Unfortunately this being a major hospital In a major United States city , half the doctors are brown and coincidently all the interns on call at night are brown. Most of these interns are born and raised American though and speak American English

We discuss amongst each other and finally a 3rd year resident who is white goes to see the patient .

The senior resident has an Eastern European accent.

The patient says” Can’t I have an American doctor. A white or a black American”

We eventually called our attending who happened to be white . He came and saw the patient . Later on patient was given a letter explaining the rights and responsibilities of patients etc.

The funny part of the story is that until then I did not know that there was a tier system in racism .

Everybody agrees that the number one race is white . They are the baddest of them all , but my oh my ! if there isnt a competition for the number two spot.