Sex and  Doctor Sexy MD

Over the course of 15 years I have worked in small  50 beds rural hospitals to big  million bed city hospitals and everything in between but for some strange reason nobody in the hospital has ever wanted to have sex with me .
Nobody ! No nurse , no doctors , not even the cleaning ladies!. Not even the nymphomaniac on the psyche ward.

 I have decided that the problem is me . I definitely  need to work out more and get a stylist or something because I am sure , based on all the hospital tv shows that a good lay is just around one of the hospital corridor and almost inside every closet.

Even the Ph.D. Doctors on tv seems to be getting illicit sex everywhere .

In my case every closet I open turns out to be the  janitor closet with the big burly janitor inside and even he is not interested.

Maybe I need to develop a Ptsd or some complicated past love life or perhaps find the one Doctor in the entire universe who paid for medical school by working as a lingerie model.
Or is there a slight chance that the hospital tv shows are wrong. Nah that can’t be!