Hunting season

Few things make people crave for disabilities as much as hunting season. When hunting season come all of my able bodied patients suddenly develop bad arthritis, leg pains and sometimes even heart conditions ,all to let me write them a letter saying they need to use cross bows instead of regular  compound bows and that they be allowed to hunt from vehicles. 

It staggers me to see that so many people who love and live to hunt ,so desperately want to have that extra advantage over the little deer.

I mean he already has nothing to defend himself with . All he can do is run and hide. Be a man and atleast sit in a frozen  deerstand or walk in the  cold ,but play fairly . And when I say play fairly I realize that these fair play rules are not necessarily created after dialogue with the deer . Some wise  Men just decided that these rules are Somehow fair to deer.

I have to say though that I am a hunter myself.   However I have two self imposed rules which not everybody may agree with . I shoot only once and that is to kill. I never ever injure an animal, or to put it more correctly I take all precaution not to injure an animal. I mean have you ever had to track an injured animal. It is painful for both the hunted  and the hunter. 

It’s cold ,dark and usually damp  and you are looking for small drops of blood ,scared all the time that deer may realize he has antlers and decide to use them to his advantage. You want to pee but you don’t want the deer to smell you, meaning you are not only walking but also dancing. Your flashlight is half dying and today the sun just refuses to come up all the way . lastly, The dirt you just touched while looking hard for blood drops turns out to be bear poop. Disgust and fear rolled into one diffuses through your head and yeah,remember you got to pee. 

That means I let go many more then I actually shoot . In fact  I only fire one or two shots the entire season and they have to be perfect shots by my standards . There have been many mornings when I just walk around in the woods and come back empty handed,smug and proud that I did the right thing.

 Second I don’t hunt anything which is even near the protected species list , meaning no bear, cats of prey or wolves. Again it may have more to do with self preservation then my generosity towards the animal kingdom and the study of zoology in general .  I have never been to Africa but I have read Hemingway and according to him it can be dangerous. 

Still for strange reasons that’s the newest pastime for Americans . All Americans want to kill Cecil. Since American don’t really kill anything that has even the slightest chance of killing them (We don’t go to war unless the odds of our winning are atleast a million to one in our favor, Russians can do whatever they want , We will look the other way)I am sure hunting lion has become safer then it was in Hemingways  time. Still I would rather not take a chance.

I just met a couple of nurses , both in their fifties who are going to Africa coming spring and hunt lions . I mean those lions are not even Muslims , or black or even Mexican. Why does Americans hate them so much. Did Trump announce a vendetta against the lions too which perhaps I didn’t hear about .Those guys are barely out of extinction , thanks to the great white hunter, and now Americans wants to push them back to the brink. I don’t think I trust the African nations to be able to manage lion population as well as American DNR does deer. For 50 000 dollars they will let anybody hunt their lions to extinction.

 On that note, these nurses are rich ! 


Ancient Romans and Nazis

A patient of mine ,  a World War Two veteran by the way started talking politics during a visit.

 I must clarify here that I have utmost respect for World War Two veterans . They are indeed the greatest American generation and therefore when one of them talk , I merely listen and try not to open my mouth unless I am asked a question.

He made an interesting comment . He says 

“Today’s  American have become a cross between ancient Romans and Nazis”

This took me by surprise until he explained

“We have more then any body has ever had in the history of the world and we still want more . We throw away more food then other nations eat”

Ok that sounds like ancient Romans but why nazis 

The guy smiles and ask me what I know about Iraq war. I try not to comment on that. I never make a political statement during a physician – patient interaction. 

“We  kill people without thinking of consequences . We think that just because we are americans we are right”